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66Bhp CNC Adjustable Rearset Footrest Rear Sets for KTM 125 Duke

66Bhp CNC Adjustable Rearset Footrest Rear Sets for KTM 125 Duke

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CNC Adjustable Rearset Footrest Rear Sets for KTM is an aftermarket motorcycle part designed for KTM sportbikes. The rearset footrests are typically made of high-quality materials such as aluminum or stainless steel, and are CNC machined for precise fit and finish. They are fully adjustable, allowing riders to customize the position of the footrests and controls to suit their riding style and preferences.

The rearset footrests are designed to provide a more aggressive riding position, placing the rider's feet higher and further back than the stock footpegs. This can improve control and stability, particularly during aggressive cornering or track riding. The footrests typically feature a grippy surface to provide a secure footing, even in wet or slippery conditions.

The CNC Adjustable Rearset Footrest Rear Sets for KTM typically come with all the necessary hardware for installation, and can be installed without the need for any modifications to the motorcycle. They may also include additional features such as folding toe pegs, quick shifters, and brake light switches, depending on the specific model.

Overall, the CNC Adjustable Rearset Footrest Rear Sets for KTM are a valuable upgrade for riders who want to improve their control and performance on the track or the street. They provide a more aggressive riding position, and are designed to be durable and reliable, even in demanding riding conditions.


--The foot controls are one of the most vital connections you have with your motorcycle.
--These Racing Adjustable Rear Sets (Footrest) are CNC-Machined from aluminum billet for unbeatable rigidity and robustness, rear set controls enable you to customize your riding position in terms of height and longitudinal position, so as to perfect your connection to the bike. And also, the components assure long lasting quality and low wear even in intensive use.

-- Fully Adjustable To Give The Rider A More Aggressive Riding Position.
-- Rearsets Colors Are Hard Anodized For Stunning Aesthetic And Durability.
-- Multiple Adjustment Possibilities For Footrest, Shift, Brake, Foot Length.
-- Double Ball Bearings Embedded In Both Shift And Brake Pedal Ensure Smooth And Precise Movement.
-- Knurled Foot Pegs For A No-Slip Grip.
-- Rolling Toe Piece Enables Less Effort When Shifting Gears.
-- Extremely Light Weight, High Strength And Wear Resistance.
-- Easy To Install.

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