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Royal Enfield STANDARD 350 BMC Air Filter(BS4) & (BS6)

Royal Enfield STANDARD 350 BMC Air Filter(BS4) & (BS6)

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The Royal Enfield Standard 350 BMC Air Filter is a high-performance aftermarket component designed to enhance the engine's efficiency and overall performance of both BS4 and BS6 models. Crafted with precision engineering and advanced materials, this air filter is tailored to fit seamlessly into the Standard 350 series, ensuring optimal compatibility and functionality.

Key Features:

🌪️Enhanced Filtration: The BMC Air Filter employs cutting-edge filtration technology to effectively trap dust, dirt, and debris particles, preventing them from entering the engine.

🥏Improved Airflow: Engineered for maximum airflow, the filter optimizes the air-to-fuel ratio, facilitating better combustion. This leads to enhanced power output and fuel efficiency, providing a noticeable boost in overall performance.

🦾Durable Construction: Constructed with premium quality materials, the BMC Air Filter is designed to withstand the rigors of diverse riding conditions. Its robust build ensures longevity, making it a cost-effective investment for any Classic 350 owner.

🛠️Easy Installation: The filter is designed for hassle-free installation, fitting seamlessly into the existing airbox. It requires no special tools or modifications, making it a convenient upgrade for enthusiasts of all skill levels.

🔗Compatibility with BS4 and BS6 Models: The BMC Air Filter is engineered to cater to both BS4 and BS6 iterations of the Royal Enfield Standard 350, ensuring that riders from various model years can benefit from its performance-enhancing features.

♻️Maintenance and Cleaning: The filter is washable and reusable, allowing for easy maintenance. Periodic cleaning ensures consistent performance and extends the lifespan of the filter, offering long-term value.

⭐Aesthetically Pleasing: The filter's sleek design and high-quality finish add a touch of refinement to the engine bay, complementing the Standard 350's iconic aesthetic.


Name of the Importer - BMC Airfilters  India Pvt Ltd.


BULLET 350 (Export Market) 1998 > 2007
BULLET 350 (Indian Market) 2004 > 2007
BULLET 500 (Export Market) 1998 > 2007
BULLET 500 (Indian Market) 2004 > 2007
ELECTRA X 500 2004 > 2008
SIXTY 5 500 2002 > 2006
THUNDERBIRD 350 2003 > 2008
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