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LCB Dominar Radiator Grill

LCB Dominar Radiator Grill

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Presenting radiator grill for Bajaj Dominar 400. The product featured here is suitable for all models of Dominar 400 and is made with mild steel for long-lasting design. The packing includes a radiator grill only, as it is a direct fit product. A radiator is an important part of a motorcycle’s cooling system. It cools down transmission fluid, regulating the temperature of all the important parts of a motorcycle. Why do you need a radiator grill for your motorcycle? The chances for damages are high for a motorcycle’s radiator. Debris or stones can easily cause it damaged while off-roading or even on a normal ride. So, it is always better to ensure protection for the same. That's why it is beneficial to install radiator grill over the radiator to protect it from flying debris.

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