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KTM Duke 2017 onwards/ RC 390 2021 onwards /BMC Air Filter

KTM Duke 2017 onwards/ RC 390 2021 onwards /BMC Air Filter

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The KTM Duke (2017 onwards) and RC 390 (2021 onwards) motorcycles are revered for their uncompromising blend of power, agility, and cutting-edge technology. Designed to dominate both the urban streets and the racetrack, these bikes embody the very essence of sportiness and performance.

Key Features:

🔥Engine Excellence: The heart of these machines beats with a high-performance engine, delivering an exhilarating surge of power with every twist of the throttle. The finely tuned powertrain ensures an adrenaline-pumping ride whether you're cruising through the city or pushing the limits on the track.

🅿️Premium Components: From high-quality suspension components to top-tier brakes, every element of the Duke and RC 390 is meticulously chosen to deliver uncompromising performance and durability.

💪The BMC Air Filter is a crucial aftermarket addition that complements the KTM Duke and RC 390's performance-oriented nature. Crafted with precision engineering, these filters are designed to provide optimal airflow to the engine, resulting in improved power delivery and throttle response.

🌪️Enhanced Filtration: The BMC Air Filter employs state-of-the-art filtration technology to trap even the finest particles, safeguarding your engine from contaminants and ensuring peak performance.

🥏Increased Airflow: By optimizing the air intake, the BMC Air Filter promotes better combustion efficiency, translating into improved horsepower and torque figures.

🦾Long-lasting Durability: Built with high-quality materials, these filters are engineered to withstand the rigors of heavy usage, offering a longer service life compared to conventional air filters.

🛠️Simple Installation: Designed to fit seamlessly into the stock airbox, installing the BMC Air Filter is a hassle-free process that requires no modifications.


Name of the Importer - BMC Air filters  India Pvt Ltd.


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