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JB Racing M18L-A4 Mobile Charger Mirror Mount

JB Racing M18L-A4 Mobile Charger Mirror Mount

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Experience uninterrupted navigation with M18L-A4 Motorcycle phone holder

The M18L-A4 Motorcycle phone holder offers uninterrupted navigation even during heavy rain with a waterproof case. This product comes with a wireless USB-C charger, allowing you to keep your phone charged as you check the map for routes.

Charge on the go: With a wireless USB-C charger, the M18L-A4 Motorcycle phone holder allows you to charge your phone while riding without tangled cables.

Uninterrupted navigation: With a waterproof case, you can check the route to your destination without any interruption even when it rains. Since the holder is mounted on the mirror, you have easy access to your phone, as well.

Size variants: The holder comes in two size variants. While the smaller mounts fit 4.0-5.8 inch phones, the bigger ones fit 6.0-7.0 inch phones.

Lasting durability: Made with a combination of aluminium and ABS, the phone holder has a tough exterior, lasting longer.

Secure fit: With its locking mechanism and the clasp available to secure the phone, the phone holder ensures your device stays on your motorcycle while on bumpy rides.

Product Details

Colour: Black

Primary Material: Aluminum + ABS

Suitable for: All motorcycles and phones

Inclusions/exclusions: Wireless charger with USB-C included

Warranty: 30 days replacement warranty for manufacturer defects. Just give us a call.
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