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JB Racing M14-A1 Mobile Charger Mirror Mount

JB Racing M14-A1 Mobile Charger Mirror Mount

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Charge your phone on the go with M14-A1 Motorcycle phone holder

Experience convenient charging and navigation with M14-A1 Motorcycle phone holders. With a wireless USB-C charger, you can seamlessly charge your phone during a long ride without any interruption in navigation. The M14-A1 holder also provides a snug and secure fit making sure you can leave the phone on the holder and be at ease even when you hit a pothole.

Effortless charging: With M14-A1 Motorcycle phone holders, you can charge your phone as you ride without the hassle of cables or heavy power banks.

Lasting durability: With aluminium brackets coupled with a stainless steel + ABS build, the phone mount can sustain harsh riding conditions and is guaranteed to last for a long time.

Easy navigation: The phone holder is designed to be mounted on the mirror, giving you easy access to the navigation map. Moreover, with wireless charger, you can continue accessing the map without any interruption without battery or charging issues. Gone are the days of being stuck in the middle of nowhere.

Compatibility: The M14-A1 phone mounts come with universal compatibility, meaning you can use the product with any phone or motorcycle.

Product Details

Color: Black

Primary Material: Stainless steel PC+ABS

Suitable for: All motorcycles and phones

Inclusions/exclusions: Wireless charger with USB-C included

Warranty: 30 days replacement warranty on manufacturing defects. Just give us a call.
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