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Handguard For Z900/Z800/Z650/MT07/MT09

Handguard For Z900/Z800/Z650/MT07/MT09

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Product Details:

  1. These motorbike handguards are suitable for Kawasaki Z650/Z800/Z900. For Yamaha MT-07/MT-09. Yamaha XT1200Z/X,XJR1300/XSR700/MT125..
  2. Please confirm the model of your motorbike before ordering..
  3. Size: Approx. 270mm*150mm*100mm. Protect Your Hands From Brush, Rocks, Mud And Cold wind..
  4. Material: Robust Plastic+ Aluminum stem. It is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, durable..
  5. Easy installation. Significantly reduces the risk of a dangerous front brake lock up.


  1. Material: Robust Plastic+ Aluminum stem
  2. Size: Approx. 270mm*150mm*100mm
  3. Efficiently Protect Hands While Driving
  4. Reduce Your Hands Or Fingers Fatigue
  5. Protect Your Hands From Brush, Rocks, Mud And Cold wind
  6. Easy To Install


  1. Kawasaki Z650/Z800/Z900
  2.  Yamaha MT-07/MT-09
  3. Yamaha XT1200Z/X,XJR1300/XSR700/MT125

Package Includes:

1/Set Hand Guards And Mounting Kit

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