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Race dynamics

FuelX Lite-Husqvarna Svartpilen 250 (2012-2021)

FuelX Lite-Husqvarna Svartpilen 250 (2012-2021)

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Product Description:

FuelX is a state of the art electronic plug-in fuel-injection optimizer for modern engines. It autotunes the engine to its best operational parameters, constantly monitoring, learning and adapting to the engine’s condition, wear and tear, riding style, add-ons (such as air filter and/or exhaust), as well as the environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, altitude etc. It always ensures that the engine performs in the safest and most optimal zones


  1. Eliminate/reduce jerkiness and stalling
  2. Reduces downshifts
  3. Increases torque
  4. Better throttle response
  5. Engine runs cooler
  6. Enhanced engine life


  1. 1 Autotune Map
  2. Perfect addition to air filter and exhaust upgrades
  3. Cool and happy running engine
  4. Quick plug-and-play installation
  5. Water and heat resistant
  6. Shock proof
  7. Works in any altitude levels
  8. Improved throttle response
  9. Quick and easy installation
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