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DSG Knee Sliders are protective gear designed for motorcycle riders. They are attached to the rider's motorcycle racing suit or leather pants and are meant to protect the rider's knees in the event of a crash or a slide.

DSG stands for "Drive System Gear," which is the company that produces these knee sliders. They are made of a durable plastic material that can withstand the abrasion and heat generated during a slide on the pavement.

The design of DSG Knee Sliders features a replaceable velcro strap that secures them to the rider's gear, and a hard plastic outer shell that glides smoothly across the pavement during a slide. The sliders are available in various colors and designs to match the rider's style and preferences.

Knee sliders are essential for riders who participate in track racing or other high-speed activities on their motorcycles. They not only provide protection to the rider's knees but also improve their performance by allowing them to maintain a proper riding posture and lean into turns.

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