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DSG Hydro V2 Glove | Black, Yellow, Fluo

DSG Hydro V2 Glove | Black, Yellow, Fluo

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The DSG Hydro V2 Glove in Black, Yellow, Fluo is a high-quality and versatile motorcycle glove designed for riders who need both protection and comfort while on the road. These gloves are made from high-quality materials and feature advanced safety features to provide maximum protection in the event of a crash.

The Hydro V2 Glove is made with a combination of materials that offer superior abrasion resistance and impact protection. The glove features hard TPU knuckle protectors and palm sliders, which help to absorb impact in the event of a crash. The glove also features soft padding on the fingers and palm to provide additional impact protection.

The glove also features a breathable and flexible construction, which allows for a comfortable fit. The glove is equipped with ventilation panels on the fingers, which allow for air flow and help to regulate body temperature. The palm of the glove is made from Clarino synthetic leather, which provides a great grip and tactile feedback while riding.

The DSG Hydro V2 Glove in Black, Yellow, Fluo also has an adjustable cuff strap, allowing you to adjust the fit to your specific needs. The glove also has touchscreen compatibility, making it easy to use your smartphone or GPS device without having to take off your gloves.

The glove also features reflective detailing, improving your visibility in low-light conditions. The glove has a quick-release mechanism, allowing you to easily take off your gloves when you're not riding.

Overall, the DSG Hydro V2 Glove in Black, Yellow, Fluo is a great choice for riders who need a high-performance glove that offers both protection and comfort. With their advanced safety features, breathable materials, and touchscreen compatibility, these gloves are a great option for all types of riding. The black, yellow, and fluo color scheme also offers a sleek and stylish look, making these gloves a great addition to any rider's gear collection.


Constructed from a supple and highly durable Leather and PU chassis to provide core abrasion resistance and durability.

Leather on palm for superior abrasion resistance in a key area.

Advanced poly-textile reinforcements on palm and thumb provides superior grip on bike’s controls.

Aniline leather reinforced outer hand with padding on landing zones provide maximum abrasion resistance.

DSG developed ergonomic stretch insert between thumb and palm offers flexibility to vastly improve hand movement.

Durable new flexible DSG knuckle protection provides class-leading impact and abrasion protection.



Waterproof performance HIPORA membrane developed by KOLON has 4 seemingly contrary characteristics which are Moisture Permeability, Water Resistancy, Breathability and water Repellency.

HIPORA has solved the biggest problem inherent in the conventional waterproof film. HIPORA has the secret in the unique polyurethane coating technology.

That Is Numerous numbers of micro pores (about. 9 billions/ 1 inch2) of the minimal size (60.1-3u) are placed all over the polyurethane coated film.

They shut out the water from outside, but allow the moisture or warm steam from the body go out. When the body perspires from strenuous work on exercise the perspiration easily escapes leaving the wearer feeling comfortable.

Touchscreen compatible fingertip area on index for use with smartphones and GPS systems


Palm, fingers and backhand padded with energy absorbing EVA foam for improved comfort and fit.

Adjustable double hook and loop closure on cuff and wrist keeps glove safely and securely in position.

Finger-bridge prevents excessive finger roll and separation during impacts.

Printed logos for weight-saving and material integrity.

DSG Hydro V2 glove is CE Approved.

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