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BMW G310GS Rear Tyre Hugger

BMW G310GS Rear Tyre Hugger

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Rear Tyre Hugger–Reduce mud splashes from your BMW G310GS in monsoon

The BMW G310GS Rear Tyre Hugger is designed to serve two purposes: Improve the visual appeal of your BMW motorcycle and reduce mud splashes during those long and grueling rides. Designed stylishly with durable plastic, this product offers your motorcycle durability and a sharp look.

Reduced Splashes: Now, ride through the thick of monsoon with no fear of excessive mud splashes with this tyre hugger that acts a secondary mudguard for your BMW G310GS.

Durable Design: Made with high-quality plastic, the tyre hugger is tough and passes the test of time.

Improved Aesthetics: Make your BMW G310GS look cooler with the aesthetically designed rear tyre hugger.

Custom Built Product: Designed exclusively for BMW G310GS, all you need to do is, unscrew, fit and put in the screws. No adaptors or additional fixtures required.

Product Details

Colour: Black

Primary Material: Plastic

Suitable for: BMW G310GS - Not suitable for other Bikes.

Warranty: 30 Days replacement warranty for manufacturer defects. Just give us a call.
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