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BMW 1000 RR 2019 Onwards BMC Air filter

BMW 1000 RR 2019 Onwards BMC Air filter

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Unleash the true potential of your BMW S1000 RR 2019 onwards with the high-performance BMC Air Filter, designed to take your riding experience to exhilarating new heights. Crafted with precision engineering and cutting-edge technology, this air filter represents the epitome of innovation in motorcycle filtration.

Key Features:

🥏Optimized Airflow: The BMC Air Filter is engineered to provide your BMW S1000 RR with an unrestricted and consistent airflow. This results in improved combustion efficiency, translating to increased power output and enhanced throttle response.

✅High-Quality Materials: Crafted from premium multi-layered cotton gauze, the BMC Air Filter is known for its superior filtration capabilities. It effectively traps even the finest particles while allowing a higher volume of clean air to reach the engine, thus extending its lifespan.

♻️Washable and Reusable: Unlike disposable paper filters, the BMC Air Filter is washable and reusable, making it an eco-friendly and cost-effective choice for discerning riders.

🔁Direct Replacement: Designed as a direct drop-in replacement for the OEM filter, installation is hassle-free and requires no modifications. It seamlessly integrates into the existing airbox, ensuring a perfect fit.

✅Precision Craftsmanship: Every BMC Air Filter is meticulously crafted with attention to detail. The high-quality materials and rigorous manufacturing processes guarantee a durable and reliable filtration solution for your BMW S1000 RR.

✅Proven Performance: Backed by a legacy of racing success, BMC filters are trusted by professional riders and teams around the world. Experience the same level of performance enhancement and engine protection that champions rely on.


Name of the Importer - BMC Air filters  India Pvt Ltd.

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