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BluArmor C30 Intercom Bluetooth communication System

BluArmor C30 Intercom Bluetooth communication System

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BluArmor C30 Intercom Bluetooth communication System



Experience unparalleled communication and audio quality with the BluArmor C30 Bluetooth Communication System, a cutting-edge device designed specifically for riders. With its advanced features and sleek design, the C30 sets a new standard in motorcycle communication.




Easy-to-Use Interface: The 5-button interface allows for quick and intuitive control while riding, ensuring hassle-free operation.

Hi-Definition Audio: Equipped with JBL Signature Sound Speakers, the C30 delivers immersive audio for an enhanced riding experience.

All-Weather Usage: With an IP67 rating, the C30 is built to withstand tough weather conditions, making it suitable for all your rides.

Extended Battery Life: Enjoy over 16 hours of battery life for continuous riding usage, both for music streaming and mesh intercom calls.

Mesh Intercom Technology: The proprietary RIDEGRIDTM Mesh Intercom Technology connects up to 20 riders with a line of sight range of 1.2 Km, providing seamless communication on the road.

Music on the Go: Listen to your favorite music while riding with the C30’s music streaming capability, seamlessly integrated into the mesh intercom system.

Intelligent Self-Healing Network: The C30 features an intelligent self-healing network with auto reconnection, ensuring uninterrupted communication with fellow riders.

Enhanced Intercom Connectivity: The RIDELYNKTM Bluetooth Intercom Technology allows for universal intercom pairing with other devices, expanding your communication options.

Wind Noise Suppression: The C30 features adaptive wind noise suppression at the microphone, ensuring clear communication even in windy conditions.

Over-the-Air Firmware Updates: Stay up-to-date with the latest features and improvements through over-the-air firmware updates, keeping your device optimized.

360° App: The C30 comes with a comprehensive app that provides a 360° view of your ride, allowing you to track fellow riders and stay connected.

Lightweight Design: Weighing just 70 grams, the C30 is designed for minimalistic and comfortable usage during your rides.

Tech Specs:


Bluetooth Version: 5.1

Audio: Signature Sound by JBL

Mic Type: Boom

Battery Details: Li-Polymer 1000mAh

Battery Charging Time: 1 hour (10% to 90%); 1 hour 40 minutes (0% to 100%)

Battery Run-time: 16 hours (Music streaming at full volume/Mesh intercom call)

Battery Standby Time: > 90 days

Range: RIDEGRID Mesh – 1.1 Km between two riders (assumes LOS on an open highway with no traffic)/RIDELYNK Range – Rider-Pillion

Ports: Charging – USB C, Headset – MicroUSB (custom connector)

IP Rating: IP67

Upgrade your motorcycle communication with the BluArmor C30 Bluetooth Communication System and enjoy seamless connectivity, superior audio quality, and enhanced safety on your rides.

The BluArmor C30 Bluetooth Communication System enhances your motorcycle communication, giving you seamless connectivity, superior audio quality, and improved safety for your rides. Enjoy hands-free, hassle-free communication and crystal clear audio.

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