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Benelli TNT 300/ 302R BMC Air Filter

Benelli TNT 300/ 302R BMC Air Filter

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The Benelli TNT 300/302R BMC Air Filter is a high-performance aftermarket filtration system designed for Benelli TNT 300 and 302R motorcycles.It is crafted with precision engineering and uses advanced materials to enhance airflow dynamics.

🦾The filter is a direct replacement for the stock filter, ensuring a seamless installation process.It features a multi-layered cotton gauze and epoxy-coated alloy mesh construction for optimal filtration efficiency and airflow.

🥓This design allows for a higher volume of clean, oxygen-rich air to reach the engine, potentially leading to improved combustion efficiency and increased horsepower.

🌪️The BMC Air Filter effectively captures even the finest particles, protecting the engine from dirt, dust, and contaminants that could cause premature wear and reduced performance.

♻️It is built to be durable, providing a long-lasting and cost-effective upgrade for motorcycle enthusiasts.

🛠️Installation is straightforward and requires no additional modifications, making it accessible for riders with varying levels of technical expertise.

The BMC Air Filter is a top-tier choice for riders looking to maximize performance and efficiency on the road. It promises to elevate the riding experience by unlocking the full potential of Benelli TNT 300 and 302R motorcycles.


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