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Axor Helmets

Axor xBhp Speed of Thought Helmet

Axor xBhp Speed of Thought Helmet

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Championing safe riding has always been at the core of xBhp's mission. Therefore, it was only a matter of time before xBhp ventured into designing its own helmet. The collaboration with Axor Helmets in 2019 marked a significant milestone, celebrating 16 years of xBhp. Building upon that success, we proudly introduce the second xBhp | Axor Helmet, aptly named "Speed of Thought."

As motorcycle enthusiasts, we all have an affinity for speed. However, we must recognize that nothing is swifter or more potent than the power of our own minds. It is crucial to abide by the rules of the road. This principle forms the foundation of our second helmet's design. The number "299" represents the agreed-upon maximum speed limit for modern superbikes, often referred to as the "magic number" or the "hand of God." Below it, a powerful reminder emerges: nothing surpasses the speed of our own imagination. So, why put our brains and bodies at risk by exceeding speed limits on the road?

The top of the helmet features a biker donning the first edition of the xBhp helmet, paying tribute to our roots. The back showcases xBhp's iconic philosophy of "I, the Biker." Other elements highlight the heart of the motorcycle—the engine—and the exhaust pipes that emit fiery bursts, symbolizing the extraordinary creativity our human minds possess. The majority of the helmet shell is adorned with a depiction of the human brain, representing the protection it provides, while lightning bolts emphasise the intricate network of neurons within.

This remarkable helmet was designed in collaboration with The MotoGrapher and Toxic Skins, while the meticulous assembly was carried out by the renowned craftsmen at Axor Helmets. Rest assured, it upholds the highest standards of quality.

Stay safe, ride with passion, and let the Speed of Thought helmet serve as a constant reminder of the incredible power within your own mind.

1. The helmet is available in a gloss finish only.

2. xBhp Speed of Thought helmet is now ISI certified.

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