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Axor Helmets

Axor Retro Jet Hawaii Women's Helmet

Axor Retro Jet Hawaii Women's Helmet

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Attention, Retro Girls!

Get ready to embrace the summer vibes with Axor's helmets, specially designed for the occasion of Women's Day. Introducing Ibiza and Hawaii, two captivating designs that capture the essence of tropical paradise and let the girl in you shine.

These helmets feature an Open Face Jet design, allowing you to enjoy the warm summer breeze. With a bubble visor, you have the option to pair it with cool and stylish summer glasses, adding a touch of flair to your ride.

Embrace the spirit of adventure and celebrate Women's Day in style with Axor's Retro Girls collection. Let your personality shine through with the vibrant and tropical-themed designs of Ibiza and Hawaii. Get ready to make a statement on the road while staying cool and protected under the summer sun.

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