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HJG Fog Lamp 2 Led 40W OWL 9-60v White/Yellow (SET OF-2) for all motorcycles / scooters /cars

HJG Fog Lamp 2 Led 40W OWL 9-60v White/Yellow (SET OF-2) for all motorcycles / scooters /cars

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Hjg Fog Lamp 2 Led 40W Owl 9-60v White/Yellow (SET OF-2)

Product information

Waterproof rate: IP68
Shell Material: Aerospace Aluminum Alloys
Power: SSLG- 20W/bulb, HJG- 40W/bulb
Voltage: SSLG- 9V-85V DC, HJG- 9V-60V DC
Actual Lumen: SSLG- Up to 2000 Lms/bulb, HJG- Up to 3000 Lms/bulb
Anti-fog & Anti-glare: Available
Led Lens: Bifocal Lens
Color Temp: Cool White
Connector Type: Plug and Play
Lifespan: SSLG- 20,000 Hrs, HJG- 100,000 Hrs
Round HJG Owl Fog Lights, the ultimate lighting solution for your bike, car, Thar, or Jeep. This high-quality fog light is designed to enhance visibility in adverse weather conditions, ensuring a safer and more enjoyable driving experience. With its unique features and stunning design, it's a must-have accessory for any vehicle enthusiast.
Owl Fog Light features a dual-tone functionality, combining yellow and white lights in a single unit. This 2-in-1 spot light with flood light capabilities provides you with a versatile lighting option. The yellow light is perfect for cutting through dense fog, while the white light adds a touch of style and improves visibility in normal driving conditions.
Crafted with precision and durability in mind, these fog lights are built to last. The chrome finish adds a touch of elegance to your vehicle's exterior, while the sturdy construction ensures resistance against shocks, vibrations, and weather elements. You can trust these fog lights to withstand the toughest of road conditions.
With a power output of (SSLG- 20W/bulb, HJG- 40W/bulb), the Owl LED Fog Light delivers a bright and focused beam, illuminating the road ahead with exceptional clarity. The 12V operating voltage (SSLG- 9V-85V DC, HJG- 9V-60V DC ) ensures compatibility with most vehicles, making it a versatile accessory for a wide range of bike and car models.

  1. Experience with Durability: Hello, fellow riders! I've been using these HJG Lights for almost 2 years now, and they're still going strong. Just a bit of regular, gentle care, and they can last really well. Treat them right, and they'll be your faithful companions on the road.

  2. Handling the Weather: Riding in rain or night? These lights are waterproof – a big plus! But remember, treat them kindly. Skip the high-pressure washes to keep them in prime condition.

  3. Customer Support Assurance: While HJG doesn't offer a warranty, don't fret. Our 7-day return and exchange policy has you covered for any immediate concerns. We're here to support you, ensuring a worry-free purchase

  4. Please note: For the best experience, we strongly recommend having this product installed by a professional mechanic or technician. To prevent wiring damage or short circuits, it's important not to attempt installation without proper expertise. Rest assured, no wiring cuts are needed as it's designed for direct fit on all motorcycles. While additional wiring might be required, we don't advise cutting any OEM wiring connections. Your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities

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